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Cafe Wimbledon(Nooch), Enge, Zurich

James Bond Island

I kept going to Cafe Wimbledon in the hope of getting a glimpse of Roger Federer, but apparently that’s the other Wimbledon. The Cafe Wimbledon has been rebranded and is running under the Nooch flag. It was a lunch and I was in the mood for fried rice. There was some under the name of James Bond Island. Now I never understand what it is with giving dishes names. That works fine for BigMac and Whopper, but it is silly in the real restaurant business. The fried rice didn’t rock my boat, it was lacking the intense roast aromas, the saltiness wasn’t there and I couldn’t taste enough egg. Overall this seems more like a swiss guy’s fantasy of what an exotic asian place should be like (it also explains the pineapple in the rice). Prices:


Posted by therealpickygourmet on 14 July 2010

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