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Angkor, Puls 5, Zurich

Reisteigtäschchen mit Crevettenfüllung

Rindfleisch mit Bohnen und Chili

Driving around Zurich I landed at the Puls 5 and went for lunch at the Angkor, a somewhat fancy asian place. The decor is a bit more upmarket than other asian places and spouts a certain poshness. It was lunchtime and the restaurant was pretty full. I started off with Toong Thuong which are small crispy bags filled with minced shrimp. The dough was thin and crispy but not fried beyond recognition, juicy shrimp filling rounding it off nicely. Main course was beef with chili and beans and a refined sauce. I forgot to take a picture, but it came on a rechaud and some rice. The sauce was okay, a decent dish for an asian place. Food was okay, decor a bit over the top but the place is trying to be more than it really is. It’s high on the prices, tries hard to look upmarket tipping towards tacky and doesn’t deliver enough special and surprising dishes. Luo, Beyond or Zen offer more refined and interesting cuisine than Angkor. And what is really weird, at a restaurant trying this hard, why doesn’t anyone speak german ? Prices:


Categories: Lunch
Posted by therealpickygourmet on 27 July 2010

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