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McGees, Bahnhof Wiedikon, Zurich

Hash Brown and Eggs Benedict

Sunday looking for a not so healthy brunch – McGees next to the train station in Wiedikon fits the bill. Looking at the brunch menu I ordered Eggs Benedict with hash brown. Fresh Orange Juice was no longer available, but at least the waiter was nice enough to point that out. Still this was one of the worst breakfast I ever had. The eggs were cold, the sauce hollandaise some kind of just-add-water-to-prepare concoction, the bacon limp and the hash brown like a mediocre roeschti. The key to happiness at McGees is to stick to the Guiness. Prices:


Bambushain, Vogelsangstrasse, Zurich

Fried Dumplings

Kimchi Omelette

Korean BBQ with side dishes

A revisit to the Bambushain, a korean BBQ placed proved to be quite successful. The dumplings were okay, and decent enough to get us going. We tried a Kimchi Omlette, it was lacking spice but otherwise had the nice slighlty greasy taste you expect of these. Finally the main part was the BBQ. Unlike New York (my favorite place Wonjo 32 with real coals), the selection of meats, fish and vegetables was a bit small and you cook on a gas grill. You still get the smell but not quite as much fun out of the experience. I also would have preferred a wider array of side dishes, but I guess for Zurich it’s okay. Overall you get a so-so Korean BBQ experience, definetly a good one if you’ve never had it or you’re in Zurich. What needs to be pointed out that the prices are really fair:


Gartenhof, Birmensdorferstrasse, Zürich

Brunch at the Gartenhof

Sportsman Club is gone again just like the World Cup. At the Gartenhof the remains can still be seen, but that adds to the charm of the place. I was there for brunch on a Sunday. The breakfast consisted of bread, Zopf, croissant, Birchermüesli, orange juice, jam, honey, butter, egg, bacon, cherries, salmon, ham, roast beef and cheese. Now I wasn’t to thrilled with all of the components, the Birchermüesli and the fresh cherries really stood out. The croissant was a bit dry, the 3 minute egg could have been a bit firmer and the roast beef didn’t feel like roast beef. The staff were extremly friendly, very attentive and it was very pleasant dining and reading the newspaper here. I was even offered a glas of prosecco which make the breakfast at 25 CHF a good deal:


Tüfi, Dufourstrasse, Zurich

Sommersalat mit Eierschwämmli

Hacktätschli mit Rösti

The Gout Mieux label depicts places with good, homemade food which also is regional. The menu of the Tüfi seems to follow this so we were interested to see how it performed. The appetizer was a salad with chanterelles. The mushrooms were nice, but the salad was too plain. It felt like raw vegetables which is not quite what I was looking for. The roeschti was very good, not the best in Zurich since the strips were to thin but a good one. The hacktätschli were tasty and luscious. The Tüfi is a nice local eatery and surprisingly unpretentious for the Seefeld with a focus on organic and real food. Prices are normal: