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Striker Oktoberfest, Löwen, Meilen

Weisswürste mit süssem Senf und Krautsalat

The Jürg Wille Saal at the Löwen in Meilen was host to the second Striker Oktoberfest. To be fair I’ve never made it to München, and I’m secretly longing to spend a day there and eat myself through the offerings. The world famous Poellauberger hosted the event and ensured that some quite background music was available from Costa Cordalis to Jürgen Drews. I ordered some Weisswürste with a Brezen and sweet mustard and also opted for a side of Krautsalat. The Weisswürste were nice (though not as good as a St. Gallerbratwurst), the Brezen too small and the Krautsalat was lacking seasoning. Some salt and some additional vinegar would have been nice. The thing one should stay away from are the shots of Jaegermeister and Berentzen Apfelkorn which are served to break the monotony of the beer. They tend to make you forget parts of the evening.

Categories: Dinner
Posted by therealpickygourmet on 26 September 2010

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