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Restaurant Markthalle, Viadukt, Zurich


Polenta, Pommes Allumettes, Hackfleischtätschli

Polenta, Pommes Allumettes, Hackfleischtätschli

Rüebli und Pilz

Rüebli und Pilz

Seldom am I truly happy at discovering a great new location – Markthalle wins an unconditional recommendation. Beware that you actually enter the Restaurant Markthalle and not the Restaurant Viadukt which is also close by. The place has a bistro like feeling. Next to the market stands roughly 20 tables are available for dining. The clou is that the menu is mirrored according to what’s being sold at the market stands. So you’ll get fresh, seasonal produce and some inspiring ideas on what you could cook with the ingredients yourself. I started off with a great bone marrow, huge portion, lovely taste – absolutely up my alley. The only point which could be critiqued – and I never thought I would say this – the portion size was too big. All dishes are served at once and everyone helps himself. I wasn’t too big a fan of the veal hamburger (Hacktätschli), but enjoyed the Pommes Allumettes, the mixed carrots and the mushrooms. All were nicely seasoned, simple and delicious. The biggest surprise for me was that this quality of food was rather cheap – Dinner for two – including appetizers, mains, 5dl wine and one dessert were less than 150 CHF (and this in a trendy location in Zurich):



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Posted by therealpickygourmet on 27 September 2010
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  1. 09/29/2010

    And their cake is also very nice!

  2. 11/1/2010

    I was there for brunch, service is really nice and quick, but you always have to flag them down. The menu is small, nothing special with some egg stuff, birchermüesli, cheese, the usual, but i really liked the food and the atmosphere, as long as you’re not sitting in the middle of the room with all shoppers walking around you.

  3. 11/2/2010

    I work in the Markthalle and my favourite early lunch is the fried eggs with Rosti. Good simple food and not expensive (for the quality). The staff are also good, especially at the bar.

    • 11/2/2010

      You’re kidding me ? British Cheese Centre ?! Now that’s exotic – I’ve got to see and get some english cheese. If I’m into stuff like Epoisses, Reblochon, Etivaz or Appenzeller, anything british you would recommend ?

  4. 11/2/2010


    well in Britain we make over 700 varieties of cheese (some have counted over 900) either way that’s officially more than France and Switzerland combined so I;m sure there’s something for you (unfortunately I only stock 40 – 70 at one time)

    At the moment I can suggest raw milk cheddar from Cheddar village or the Isle of Mull, BIO Blue Stilton, Perl Las BIO from Wales, Stinking Bishop, Lanark Blue, Berkswell & Swaledale sheep, Quicke’s goat cheddar, Rachel, Driftwood, Nancy and Little Wallop goat…. come and try them all…


    • 11/2/2010

      You bet! See you Saturday!


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