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Mojito, Schlieren, Zürich

Nachos with Salsa and Guacamole

Rind und Crevetten Fajitas

Some restaurants cause a lot of apprehension when looking at the website. Upon walking up to the Mojito, the apprehension even increased. A carribean, beach front, sunny holiday, Magnum-drinks-his-beer-here type atmosphere was what’s being aimed for. The horrid, amusement-park theme continues on the inside. We started of with a classic, Nachos. Now since my dining companios were mostly middle-aged men, we left out the cheese, to not inflict undue strain on arteries and the like. Still – what a surprise, the nachos were very good – crunchy, warm and a distinct corn taste not often found in nachos served anywhere. Following were some fajitas with beef and shrimp. Unlike for example the Tres Kilos in the Seefeld, the portion is sizeable enough for hungry people. Accompanied by some corn, salsa, guacamole, sour cream, cheddar and vegetables this was a heart warming, very nice Tex Mex dish. I did order some Jerk Mayo to go with my fajitas, just because I was curious what it was. While the mayo was spicy it didn’t pair well with the fajitas. I paid roughly 65 CHF including a couple of beers. A very nice Tex Mex place, only downside is, you smell horribly when walking out, so leave your things in the car if possible.

Posted by therealpickygourmet on 11 October 2010

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