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Manolakis Takeaway, Grubenstrasse, Zurich

Kein Souvlaki sondern Keftedakia mit Pita und Tsasiki

We were on our way to a restaurant on Grubenstrasse and walked past a Takeaway and wineshop. The place looked and smelled greek, we entered and a nice old lady is cooking the souvlaki (we thought it’s actually some Keftedakia thanks to Heinz Kabutz –> read comments!). We changed our plans on the spot and sat outside to eat here. We had some souvlaki with Pita and Tzatziki, homemade, tasty and greasy. Real comfort food at a cheap price (12 CHF).

Posted by therealpickygourmet on 12 October 2010
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  1. 10/12/2010

    One of my favourite blogs. What I love about it is that you don’t just write about the 5 star restaurants you go to, but every little Wurststand gets a mention, no matter how terrible 🙂

    The meal above is not souvlaki though. Souvlaki means “little souvla”. Souvla is a spit roast. Souvlaki is meat on little sticks. What you see above is meat balls, κεφτεδάκια (Keftedakia).

    If I may crit this online, the salad should not have had mayonnaise on it. Oil, origanum and salt are the usual dressing. I’m sure the old Greek lady knows this, but is probably catering to the non-Greek taste. Usually the restaurants outside of Greece use normal sunflower oil for their cooking. Here they often use olive oil.

    When are you coming to visit so we can try out some restaurants together?

    • 10/12/2010

      I’m lucky you’re running a Java business and are not in the food critic business – I’d be out of a job soon with my poor knowledge of the greek cuisine. Thanks for catching it – I’ve got no plans for Crete right now, but reading your newsletter it does sound enticing… will reach out if I get the urge 🙂


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