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Moospinte, Münchenbuchsee, Bern


Salat mit Lachsterrine

Suppe mit Ochsenschwanzpraline

Kalbsfilet auf Kartoffelrisotto



The Moospinte used to be run by Chrueter Oski and is now under new management. Reaching it on foot is about a 15 minute march from the train station. A good friend and corporal of the swiss army joined me for lunch. Both dressed in full camouflage uniform and shiny, well polished, black combat boots, we stood out against the people coming from the golf course for lunch after an exhausting nine holes or so. Today was our official last day in the Swiss Army. Your favourite food critic was a seargent and after a tough time as a recruit, corporal in the infantry, finally made his peace with the organisation in his elder years. After a swinging “Kompanieabend” (troop party) organized by the real picky gourmet, too many drinks and one last march through the dark woods – it was one last night in a bunker. Now if you’re not accustomed to a “Zivilschutz anlage” -civil defense bunker – let me tell you something. Sleeping on a foam mattress (5 cm) on a hard wooden bed (about 75 cm wide), in a sleeping bag, which is worse than anything you buy at an outdoor store for 50 bucks, while the air filter is rattling and the air is damp & reeks of unshowered male – is not something I’ll be missing. But days like this or enduring an all night march (beating the troop led by your lieutenant), a quick rest in a cattle barn, followed by a march in NBC-gear to finish off with an orienteering exercise make a lot of good stories for sharing. But back to the food. The restaurant has a very nice garden und some old trees, really a treat to sit down with the weather permits. The lunch was splendid and of high quality, intricate little tidbits served with love. Very notable was the oxtail “chocolate”. Filled with luscious oxtail and sauce in a potatoey, crunchy outside – who needs real chocolate ? Also quite splendid was the potato based risotto. Yes it was expensive, but on a day like this – who cares ? I blew more than my army wage on a lunch for two – and then it hit me – I’m too old for Ueli Maurer’s best army in the world, and am no longer needed.


Posted by therealpickygourmet on 18 October 2010

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