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Restaurant Hubertus, Hubertus, Zurich


Cordon bleu mit Kartoffelgurkensalat und Joghurtkoriandersauce

The (re-)opening of the Hubertus Restaurant is jinxed. Tuesday the 19th of October was the first official opening day and apparently the line cook broke his hand playing football and the kitchen help didn’t show. Well the lone chef cook in his kitchen had to pull something out of his butt. The atmosphere is still very Hubertus, airing the laid back Kreis 5 atmosphere here out in Wiedikon. There are three dishes on the menu plus your choice of salad or soup during lunch. I started with a salad, nice sauce (clearly homemade), nice bread, but the pieces of salad should have been cut up into smaller bits. I’m chalking that down to lack of manpower in the kitchen. Main course was a Cordon bleu with cucumber potato salad and a joghurt coriander sauce. The cordon bleu was not quite up to Gertrudhofs standards but decent and the joghurt coriander sauce cut rather nicely through the heavier potatoes. Critique here is that the potato pieces were too large, I would have preferred a more refined way. I payed 47.50 CHF including a mineral water and three glasses of red wine. Looking forward to coming back – one caveat – the place is a bit chilly and looking at the onlooming winter, I would not recommend sitting next to the window without a sweater.

Categories: Lunch
Posted by therealpickygourmet on 19 October 2010

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