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Restaurant Ciro, Militärstrasse, Zurich

Bruschette mit Bottarga

Quatris di Pasta

An old school dining establishment doesn’t need a website, so the Ciro on Militärstrasse doesn’t have one. From the outside it looks like a crummy restaurant, but walking up the steps, the Michelin bleu sign helps in overcoming any doubts. The clientele is rather traditional and during lunch a lot of the people seem to be regulars. Looking at the menu they pride themself on pasta which is made fresh on a daily basis. Before trying the pasta I start of with some bruschette with bottarga (dried and compressed fish eggs). It was ok, the bottarga tasted the way it should, but the salad decoration was a bit too much. More interesting were the four different types of pasta. First of all I would have appreciated if I was briefly told what I was eating. The pasta was soft and delicate. Especially the linguine were commendable, the americans which are very good at naming things, would have been right to call them angel hair. I liked the salvia ravioli, but wasn’t quite sure what the green and the red filled pasta was. Especially the red one was too heavy. Looking at the sauces the pasta was literally drenched in butter, not especially kind on my cholesterol level….. The place has good homemade pasta and everything is cooked in a very traditional way. Certainly a good place to go to if you miss the old days.

Speaking of the old days – after lunch I watched Hugo Koblet pedaleur de charme. What a heartfelt, touching and moving movie! I think something got into my eye towards the end of the film…. I recommend this to anyone (basic swiss german listening a plus)

Lunch for one:


Posted by therealpickygourmet on 24 October 2010

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