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Kafi Klus, Klusplatz, Zurich



Hamburger mit Pommes Frites

Quintessential swiss lunch. This is what you get at the Kafi Klus near the Klusplatz. The menu started with a zuchini soup, not much taste and surely some glutamate (Aromat?) added to it. The daily menu was a burger and it was served with a salad. I got to choose between french, italian and the house dressing and opted for the latter. Interestingly enough what arrived was a mix of two different sauces, not quite my taste. But I’m sure it was healthy, since some power sprouts were sprinkled on top of the salad. The burger in-itself was so typically swiss housewive style, it was not a 100% beef but surely sprinkled with bread and maybe even some Brät (sausage meat). This really gives the patty a slight fur like mouth feeling when eating. While this is very typical it’s not what I like. The sauce was some kind of homemade spicy cocktail sauce. In my opinion if you serve a hamburger it should be 100% beef unless you declare it otherwise. Prices were cheap including drinks and coffee it was 27 CHF.

Categories: Lunch
Posted by therealpickygourmet on 28 October 2010

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