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Ristorante Liguria, Hirschenplatz, Zurich

Lauwarmer Meeresfrüchtesalat

Safrannudeln mit Bärenkrebs und Pernod

Wilder Thunfisch, Scampi und Jakobsmuscheln auf Spinat


Sunday dinner I headed for the Liguria in the Niederdorf. It seems that I was the almost only local among a couple of businessmen and some tourists. Except – lucky me – the aging gay man and his thai boy toy sitting next to me with their, ugly, small and obnoxious dog. After sitting down the stupid mutt jumped on the bench and wanted to come over. Luckily they tugged on the leash and got him down. A heated dispute with the past-his-prime swiss gentlemen over his lack of a decent upbringing and failing to keep his dog away from dining establishments ensued. They moved the dog to the other side, I drank a gulp of white wine to avoid punching anyone and we didn’t exchange any further looks. So I wasn’t in the best mood to start with, probably the only right reaction would have been to get up and leave. Appetizer was seafood salad, decent, only the oranges were slightly offputting. I liked the pasta with saffron and pernod sauce, however the slipper lobster was small and not exciting. The biggest disappointment was my main course, wild tuna, scampi and scallops with spinach. The spinach was really nice, but none of the seafood ingredients managed to convince myself. Tuna was very dry, the scampi overcooked and the scallops very bitter. I’ve never had scallops tasting this weird…. The profiterol were a bit of a scam, the plate was redhot and I’m convinced they threw some frozen stuff into the microwave, added a scoup of vanilla ice cream and drizzled everything wiht some hot chocolate. Overall I’m pretty sure If you eat here on a day where the seafood is absolutely fresh – you’ll do okay. But Sunday evening (I should know, shouldn’t I?) isn’t the time. Anyway – why I can’t smoke yet someone can bring their dog to a restaurant is something which I’ll never get. Prices:


Posted by therealpickygourmet on 31 October 2010

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