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The Blinker, Cham, Zug

Waffle Fingers mit Gruyere und Trockenfleisch

Krabbenküchlein mit Randen Pico de gallo

St Pierre mit schwarzem Reis und Broccoli

Cheesecake mit Walnüssen

Some places I visit are rather unusual and the same holds true for a place called The Blinker. The restaurant is located on the top floor of the AMAG Car Center in Cham. The place sports a bit of a casual elegance and even has a fireplace to create an air of comfort. The menu is a folded piece of paper and sports quite an eclectic selection. I would sum it up as an pan-european menu with a strong asian influence (mainly japanese). The appetizer was a belgian waffle finger from the daily menu with some meat and cheese. Belgium (waffles), Spain (chorizo) and Switzerland (cheese) all merrily arranged on a single plate. A filling and satisfying dish. Next up was my favourite – a crab cake with a nice tartare sauce on top, served over beets and sprinkled with crunchy dried fruit on top. The fruit (unsure what it was) was too much, but the crab cake paired well with the beets and the hearty tartare sauce. Main dish was a John dory fillet, with black rice and broccoli. Nothing to complain here, except that the novelty of the black rice wears of quickly and the broccoli had too much soy sauce on it. I overestimated my appetite and couldn’t finish the heavy cheesecake at the end. The restaurant sports an interesting mix of different type of dishes. Some of the dishes are imaginative and you’ll have a hard time finding them in other places. I’d say the restaurant is trying to combine hearty dishes and gourmet cuisine on your plate. To find out what the means, you’ll have to try it, I’m not aware of something comparable. Prices:


Categories: Lunch
Posted by therealpickygourmet on 27 November 2010

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