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Pot au vert, Central, Zurich

Salat vom Buffet

Randenrisotto mit Meerrettichsauce und Blumenkohl

A transcendental experience led me to become a new man. In order to reach higher spiritual levels meat is no longer an option. That would have been an understandable explanation why I visited, the vegetarian Pot au Vert restaurant. Reality was much more mundane, I felt like trying it out. The place was rather empty and we chose a corner table. The salad bar was our goal for the appetizer. About 15-20 different varieties, all very fresh but not as diverse as at the Hiltl. But some very interesting man courses were featured on the menu. I went for a beet root risotto with horseradish and cauliflower. Now the presentation was a hot mess and the cauliflower boring, but the risotto had a very nice taste and the horseradish married nicely with the beet root. I think the restaurant is a classic place which needs a little bit of Kitchen Nightmares (Gordon Ramsay)/ Restauranttester (Christian Rach) help to get back on track. They have ideas, they can cook but it’s lacking sexyness and needs some revamping. Prices:


Posted by therealpickygourmet on 5 December 2010

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