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The Restaurant, Grand Hotel Dolder, Zurich

Ei mit Trüffel

Amuse bouche with fish

Bread and four types of spreads

Amuse bouche Suppe

Warmer Fisch

Amuse bouche Fleisch


What is true joy? Walking into the Restaurant at the Dolder, realizing your the only one in the room, being shown to a table where you can see the Glarner Alps and the Uetliberg plus upon request being handed a NZZ to complement the Blick. Having a flat in Zurich (and so far not having been ejected by a certain female companion over a different understanding of tidiness) I’ve no idea what it is to stay in a hotel in Switzerland’s biggest city. But looking at the dining room at the Restaurant, I’m sure it’s a seriously nice experience. I’ll cut right to the chase, still on holiday and having started my day with a run in the early morning, followed by a rerun of Frauentausch, I treated myself to a Gin Tonic. Now I’m not sure if modern sports medicine has caught on to the trend of Gin Tonic after exercising, but it makes you feel great. Such is the destiny of living on the border of scientific avantgarde. Being not short of time I opt for the five course amuse bouche menu. The amuse bouche to the amuse bouche menu had a very memorable egg with truffles, I was thrilled and the waiter brought me a second one, since he sensed my enthusiasm. Call me bribable or a sucker for freebies, I call it excellent services. As always in these places a selection of bread was presented together with four different spreads. The best one was the most simplistic, pure organic butter, layered finger thick on a still warm piece of bread. To be honest, It doesn’t make sense to list every tidbit served, it’s a fun way of dining, receiving three little intricate dishes with every course for you to taste and try. Personally I’m not a big fan of the sweet orgy which follows after the savoury dishes. Interesting was the red wine ice cream which was served towards the end. Noteable mention were the two gentlemen entering for lunch themselves in the middle of my meal. One of the “blokes” was wearing a track suit…. It seems I wore a suit for nothing…. The other negative thing was, that they serve Hildon mineral water – very tacky to import water with an abundant supply available locally. Of course it was over the top for a lunch in terms of price. If you figure the work that goes into the food, the level of service, quite frankly the 98 CHF for the menu is good value, and if you stick to tap water you won’t rack up something like this: