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Bärengasse, Paradeplatz, Zurich

Entenleberterrine mit Toast

Kresseschaumsuppe mit Belperknolle




After the scare at Goodman’s Steakhouse, I was happy to get an invitation to the Baerengasse. The location (inside Credit Suisse’s main building at the Paradeplatz) and it’s owner, the always trendy Dieter Meier, make this a natural powerhouse place. Most people dining here feel very comfortable in fashionable and expensive places. It sports a nice aura, and is surprisingly tastefully decorated. Note some of Meier’s paintings which complement the dining room. I start with some duck liver served on Bärengasse’ own china. Normal in execution, nothing to come back for. Much better was my second course, a frothy watercress soup. To make it a bit more special, a bit of Belper Knolle was grated on top. Belper Knolle is an intense cheese and the dish was simple, creative and tasty. Also surprisingly unpretentious for a place of this magnitude. Finally it was time for the piece de resistance, the entrecote. Simply put, nothing to complain. Accompanied with a sauce bernaise and some nice potatoes, it becomes crystal clear, the place isn’t just packed because it’s next to the heart of the banking district, but also because it has great food. The cheeses didn’t rock my boat, but then again maybe I should have gotten the bigger cut of meat, and skipped cheese altogether. I’m too well mannered to ask to look at the bill, whenever I’m invited, but my dining colleague offered on his own accord. It goes to show, that he’s a generous type of guy: