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Kantine, CS Tower, Oerlikon

Schnitzel Wiener Art mit Pommes Frites

A new lunch place opened at the CS Tower in Oerlikon. The cafeteria is not only visited by staff from surrounding firms and companies, but apparently has also become a favourite meeting place for retired people, clogging up the coffee break area. The food court is organised in separate isles, each one serving a different daily special. One was offering Schnitzel Wiener Art and fries. Now I normally shy away from fries in cafeterias, since they’ve only seen a fryer before being frozen and morphed into oven fries. But looking at the food, the Schnitzel were thin, there was a real fryer and the fries were golden. I’ve had worse veal schnitzel (this one was pork), It was a serious and successful attempt at real food and not just some feed the masses excuse. Personally, I always compare cafeteria food to what I was served in the army and this one was better. If you figure in the CHF 9.20 this costs, this is a real good lunch bargain, where you do not have to compromise on taste.