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Restaurant Schlössli, Neuaffoltern, Zürich

Zürcher Arischtokratengericht

Felchenfilet nach Art des Hauses mit Salzkartoffeln

Rieschbacher Öpfelchüechli

I’m keen on finding traditional places. Restaurant Schlössli near the Busstation Neuaffoltern fits that bill. The building looks like a castle and leaves a lasting impression. The place was a tad empty, but it clearly showed that this is a well kept family business. Our waiter (and the senior boss) was immaculately dressed, with perfect manners and obviously knows how to run a dining room. I almost squealed with delight when I read through the menu. There are old swiss dishes on there which I’ve never heard before. The appetizer was called Arischtokraten- gericht which is swiss german for “dish of the aristrocrats”. A piece of sweetbreads was served on top of a pastry filled with spinach. Tasty, something new, perfectly executed and unsure if there’s another restaurant in Zurich which serves this, this all makes this dish a clear winner. I followed with a whitefish à la maison and some boiled potatoes. Again nice execution and good taste. However the à la meuniere way of cooking the fish detracts a bit from it since it covers the fillets in flour and the overall flavor of the dish was somewhat mediterranean. Dessert was a superb dish from Riesbach, some small crepes filled with apples and raisins. Simple, elegant and nowhere else to be found. Personally I think the great strength of this restaurant lies in cooking dishes which draw on the rich heritage of foods from Zurich and their dedication to fish. I’m hoping they’ll expand their menu to cover more old school recipes. Prices:


Posted by therealpickygourmet on 17 January 2011

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