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FVRZ Gala des Breitenfussballs, Kongresshaus, Zurich

Hackbraten mit Estragonrisotto

Other personal comittments led me to attend the FVRZ Gala des Breitenfussballs. Essentially it’s the football association of Zurich hosting an event to celebrate all the local football clubs. The bash took place at the Kongresshaus and had such interesting show acts such as Andrew Brown with Pfosteschuss or the (I kid you not) Peacock Party Band. Main course for the 900 odd people in attendance was a meat loaf with tarragon risotto and oven tomatoes. Not a really convincing execution on any of the components, especially serving a tarragon risotto at a rather traditional event sounds strange. Also I’m not sure if tomatoes are in season in the mid of December. Still there was one real highlight – the Duo Hinterletscht was the last show block and rocked the house.

Posted by therealpickygourmet on 25 January 2011

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