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Stefs Freieck, Wildbachstrasse, Zurich

Erbsenravioli mit Ingwerrüeblifoam

Entrecote double mit Kartofelgratin und Gemüse


Stefan Wieser and Meinrad Schlatter have found a new home for their restaurant and have settled in the former Freieck in the Seefeld. The place is now called Stefs Freieck. One of the things which is very apparent is, that they’ve managed to transport the ambiance of the former Stefs Zentraleck to the Stefs Freieck. It’s astounding how it feels just like the old place, albeit a bit smaller (25 seats or so). I could almost copy an earlier review, the menu hasn’t changed either. We start with some peas ravioli paired with a ginger-carrot foam. Something I had never eaten before and it was nice how the combination of sweetness in the peas and carrots paired. The chef later revealed that it was actually an avantgarde/fine-dining version of the classic carrots and peas often served by swiss mothers to their children. Moving on the main dish was a classic double entrecote, served with vegetables, potato gratin and tarragon butter sauce. The man knows his meat and I’m willing to go out on a limb here – I’ll bet that there’s not a place in Zurich which does a better entrecote. I think this is a prime example how good food is, if you have a small menu, you concentrate on a couple of dishes and you do them exceptionally well. The only small distraction was the dessert, I’ve had better Bündner Nusstorte before. Overall I remain a fan of the place and I hope that they keep the high standards as the thrill of opening a new place wanes and business as usal starts. Prices (we went overboard on the wine, leave that out):


Posted by therealpickygourmet on 7 February 2011

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