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Zum weissen Rössli, Albisriederstrasse, Zurich


Porc noir de bigorre

Sometimes even I get lazy and just pick up the Zueritipp to decide where I shall go to. This time it was Zum weissen Rössli in Albisrieden (not to be confused with the Weisses Rössli). I start of with some mixed cold cuts, interestingly enough duck, water buffalo (dried meat and salami) and pancetta. Not a big fan of the sausage but the dried water buffalo tickled my palate. Main course was the daily special, a noire de bigorre pork with sauce, mashed potatoes and mixed carrots. I enjoy the noire de bigorre especially the extremly tasty and interesting fat. The sauce had a bit of tomatoeyness to it, which the chef attributed to the tomato paste used in starting the sauce. Mash was like moms. Nice local eatery, certainly more mature than the Sternen next door. Prices:


Posted by therealpickygourmet on 7 February 2011

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