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Restaurant Weisses Roessli, Bederstrasse, Zurich

Hacktätschli auf Tomatenbutter

Foie gras maison mit Sauternesgelee und Briochetoast

Irisches Rindsfilet mit leichter Morchelrahmsauce, Gemüse und hausgemachten Linguine

Apfeltartelette mit Sauerrahmglace

I was surprised to see that one of my favorite lunch places has undergone a change in owners. The Weisses Rössli is now run by Mirca Reich & Mathieu Bacon, whereas apparently Helen & Samuel Knill have moved on. I have a small confession to make, I had a reservation at another restaurant, but it didn’t convince me from the outside, hence we took our chances on getting a table here. Surprisingly we got a nice four-top in a corner. The place was cleared out and part of the african inspired artwork has gone. It’s still one of my favourite dining rooms in Zurich. Old, yet elegant and simple, toned down, places like this are no lon$ger being built. A small meatball on tomato butter made it to our table. It was a tad dry and some more heat would have been nice. My appetizer was a nice foie gras maison, especially the hearty toasted brioche made this a perfect, classy dish to start off my meal. Next was a beef filet, no much you can do wrong there, with a nice sauce of morels and some delicate homemade linguine. Good products, good execution, good courses. I finished with an apple tartlette with sour cream icecream and an espresso. To be fair I’ll always miss the mashed potatoes with currysauce and the unforgettable salad sauce with Liebstöckl. But the new proprietors have their own handwriting and they’ve managed to maintain the high level of execution. Prices:


Posted by therealpickygourmet on 13 February 2011

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