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Tre Fratelli, Nordstrasse, Zurich

Hausgemachte Ravioli

Hackbraten vom Schwein und Rind mit Kartoffelstock


I’m in a hurry to grab something to eat just near the Bhf Wipkingen, and I walk past the Tre Fratelli. My italian is limited to cursing at other football players, but I belive it means three brothers. I arrive at 18:30 and the host tells me that the place is all booked out, but if I left before 20:30 she could seat me at a table. Feeling that I could deal with the pressure I slid into a seat at a large communal table in the middle of the dining room. Appetizer were some homemade, fresh ravioli, neither bad nor memorable, the only thing I didn’t understand is why a place with an italian name, serves fresh tomatoes on top of their pasta in the middle of winter. My assumption is that belgian chemistry and dutch agrotechnics did the trick. The next dish blew me away. I had ordered a meatlof (pork and beef) with vegetables cooked in the sauce and mash. The meatlof was better – and keep in mind that this is costing me my inheritance – than mom’s. Juicy, flavourful and moist on the inside, with a perfect slightly charred outside, with this dish Tre Fratelli is really throwing down the gauntlet in the face of most home cooks. Still feeling dizzy in a good kind of way I ate a plate of Tiramisu, but my thoughts were still lingering with the meat loaf. I tried a recipe from Saisonküche the next day, but it seems that editor-in-chiefs didn’t check out Tre Fratelli before publishing theirs. Prices:


Posted by therealpickygourmet on 17 February 2011

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