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Art of Körry, Langstrasse, Zurich

Currywurst mit Pommes

Our german friends who have decided to live in Zurich bring all their culinary favourite foods with them. Art of Körry has opened on the Langstrasse and aims to deliver an authentic Currywurst experience. I had the regular fare with some fries. The curry sauce has a very fruity tang to it (apparently some applesauce is added) and the Buerli is hearty. Unfortunatley the fries where soggy and not as crispy as they should have been. Again I’m not a Currywurst Connaiseur, but if I had to make a call, the one at Goldbrunnenplatz gets my vote.

Posted by therealpickygourmet on 24 February 2011
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  1. 05/11/2011

    I’m glad to read this review: I would also say that I am NOT a Currywurst Connaisseur, but I love it and I do love high-quality Bratwürste.

    The Currywurst from Goldbrunnenplatz is definitely the better one, and the sauce also better fits my taste.


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