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Restaurant Hardhof, Albisriederplatz, Zürich


Bärlauchnüdeli mit Eierschwämmli

The Hardhof with the Fässlibar (Barrelbar) at the Albisriederplatz is the type of restaurant where elder men in their sixties drink their beers between lunch and dinner. Surprisingly a face lift was applied and I must say a rather tasteful one. It kept part of the patina of the old (somewhat grimy) restaurant, but in a clean, modern, open and light fashion. There is now a nice coffee bar and it is clearly catering towards the more urban customer. You could have take a business associate here in the old days if he was ready for a small adventure – now you can take him there without judging his risk appetite first. I ordered a Piroggen which I was told was Canadian. It’s a meat filled pastry served on salad. The execution didn’t satisfy me, the dough and the filling had the same texture, the meat was bland and the salad it was served on cut into pieces which were too large. Mains were ramson noodles with chanterelles (Bärlauchnüdeli mit Eierschwämmli). Obviously I got mushrooms instead of chanterelles and politely complained. They apologized for their mistake – the chef didn’t have any and forgot to inform the front of the house – and offered me a coffee. Now I would have preferred chanterelles, since the mushrooms with the tomatoes overpowered the ramson noodles. However the noodles initself were delightful. Overlooking these issue – I was very pleasantly surprised by the remodled interior and the new menu. I’d give them the benefit of the doubt, since they handled my complaint professionally and swift – goes to show that if you take your cutomers seriously, you can turn a potential bad situation into a better one. I’ll be back – skipping the Canadian Piroggen – prices are adequate for the Albisriederplatz:


Posted by therealpickygourmet on 5 April 2011
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  1. 05/6/2011
    Mister Pierogi

    pierogi are not canadian,they are eastern european.jfgi!
    and i’m central european.

  2. 12/21/2011
    Rudolf Suter

    Commenting to both Original Author and to Mister Pierogi:

    Pierogi are originally coming from Poland – the best in my humble opinion – , and have spread firstly over the GUS , well into Finland, even as far as the inner Balkans and lastly perhaps to Canada as the original writer claims.The closer to Poland the better the Pierogi get. In Switzerland they can be regarded as a novelty and perhaps the Hardhof was courageous in trying to put them on the menu. However as I was told by my friends from Poland, to get them right the cook should have learned from his polish or russian grandmother how to make them, if he ever wants to get them right. Even so the Restaurant Hardhof is my absolute favorite friendly neighborhood Restaurant and one day I am convinced they even get the Pierogy right


    • 12/21/2011

      Do you have a recommendation for Pierogi in Zurich or anywhere else in Switzerland ?

      • 12/22/2011

        Unfortunately I don’t know of any place featuring Pierogi on their menu regularily in Switzerland except of course in our own Family Kitchen however they are a Swiss Varieté of one of the main ingredients “Schmand” is not so easily available. However this can change quickly as more and more people from Poland and GUS decide to reside and work here!

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