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Rangierbahnhof / Schnupf, Neufrankengasse, Zurich


Cordonbleu mit Pommes frites

Dessert creation surprise

People whose idea of an adventure is an all inclusive vacation in Koh Samui, should get ready to take it to the next level. The Restaurant Rangierbahnhof aka Schnupf on Neufrankengasse (next to Langstrasse) is a harcore Beiz. The legendary Bombay Bar and Tessinerkeller have been gentrified and are being replaced with appartments for millionaires. Really – who in his right mind is paying 2.5 million CHF for an appartment right next to the train tracks? Countering this development pretty effectively is the aforementioned Rangierbahnhof. A dark and wooden interior with a small garden in the back complement this dining establishment. We start with a salad which is part of the dinner menu. The best thing was that whoever selected the tomato really knew what he was doing. The sauce had a garlic tang and wasn’t homemade. Main course was a tad disappointing, french fries weren’t crunchy and the cordon bleu was a prefabricated ordeal. I’ll give the waitress a lot of credit for creating a dessert surprise to match our craving. To be fair – this is a place you visit because you’re either looking for a Jass expert or are in need of a drink, the food is here to provide vitamins which aren’t part of beer. The adventure part comes from avoiding the rambling drunk guy wearing combat trouser at the entrance. He goes off at everybody walking by, screams and gurgles unintelligible and get’s threatened by the owner with immediate eviction. This usually works for five minutes, during which he gives everyone the evil eye, before the cycle starts all over again. I think the new neighbors will enjoy this chap immensely and he will fill their hearts with joy.

Posted by therealpickygourmet on 14 April 2011
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  1. 04/21/2011

    love the dessert creation. at least you won’t forget =)

  2. 04/30/2011

    1. The Plantas are moving there.

    2. Yay!


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