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Sternen Flaach, Flaach, Zurich

Spargelravioli mit Morchelsauce

Flaacher Spargel


Asparagus are visible at all the supermarkets, flown in from all over the world. It takes great restraint to avoid ordering some, since after winter the craving is enormous. When the waiter beams at me and tells me that they have great, fresh asparagus from Mexiko, I just give him the evil eye and order something else. But finally with the first german asparagus showing up (from Baden) I tried my luck at the Sternen in Flaach. They have fresh asparagus from Flaach (a small village in the Zurich Weinland) since mid-April. My Saturday night was saved. The lovely spring companion of asparagus is morels. The ravioli with asparagus was complemented by the morels with cream sauce and probably cognac. Nice fresh opening of the meal, a great way to break the asparagus drought of winter. The white asparagus from the village were served with ham, vinaigrette and hollandaise. I wasn’t too fond of the vinaigrette but the asparagus were spot on. As a nice side benefit it doesn’t get more regional than eating produce from a farmer 500 meters away. I finish with a strawberry tiramisu, not as much oomph as a real one, but a good interpretation including ladyfingers. Real swiss asparagus are expensive, goes to show that flying produce in from all over the world is just too cheap:


Posted by therealpickygourmet on 17 April 2011
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  1. 04/27/2011

    There was an article in the tagi last week. Rolf Spaltenstein who is Spargelbauer in Flaach has this kind called “Violetter Spargel” which you can eat raw and is supposed to be a delicacy. Did you see it on the menu? Maybe try his Beizli next time:

  2. 06/14/2011

    I like asparagus and the more regional, the better, but do I see correctly that picture 3 (the plate with 4 asparagus) did cost CHF 40? ?

    • 06/14/2011

      It was more than 4 asparagus – there was a platter not shown in the picture.


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