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Adlisberg, Zurichberg, Zurich


Cordonbleu mit Röschti

Weather over Easter was spectacular, so we went for an early dinner at the Adlisberg. Even though this belongs to the old money district Zurichberg, it feels more like a country-side restaurant with the cows grazing in the back. The other diners, the yellow Ferarri driving past and the fact that they have an english menu is like a dope slap on the back of the head to stop dreaming. I start of with a farmer terrine. The salad was good, some red and orange carrot juliennes mixed with a bit of acid. But the star should have been the terrine, which was lacking depth of flavor and was all texture. The cordon bleu which followed was one of the worst I ever had. It was too thin, the cheese / ham combination was weird, I sometimes even thought I was eating a fish dish. The roeschti was overcrunchy and too dry on the outside, even if the potatos tasted nice. (Side note while I’m typing I’m watching Bauer, ledig, sucht,… and Franz is cooking a Hero Roesti – shivers are running down my spine). I was very disappointed by the quality of the food, even if the setting of the restaurant is quite spectacular – in what other city, do you find cows and meadows 5 km away from the financial district ? Nevertheless, if you’re looking for this type of experience, my recommendation is take the car to the Alpenblick in Toggwil, it’s the better experience. Prices at the Adlisberg are at normal Zurich city levels:


Posted by therealpickygourmet on 25 April 2011

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