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Sternen, Sennhüttestrasse, Wangen b. Dübendorf

Amuse bouche

À la carte Terrine von Graved Saibling und Avocado mit Kräutersalat und Pommery-Senf

Topinambursuppe mit Hummermedaillon und Basilikum

Sautierte Jakobsmuschel mit Orangenchicorée, Thymian und Schweinebauch

Zürcher Oberländer Rindsfilet-Medaillon an Sauce Béarnaisemit Bäckerinkartoffeln und Wintergemüse

Mandarinenvariation mit Schokolade

Duo von Ananas und Orange mit Kokos Panna Cotta und Kubeben-Pfeffer-Hippe

Sternen in Wangen sounds like a pretty normal restaurant somewhere in the uncharted areas around Dübendorf. But I was in for a pleasant surprise. Treating myself to a glass of champagne I opted for adapting the regular menu to get a good feel for the chef’s ability. You can look at at all the tibits – what was memorable that on the Jerusalem Artichoke soup was served with lobster medallions. The soup initself was so good that it didn’t even need the lobster. Also a very strong showing of skill was the beef filet with female baker’s potatoes. Now I was so thrilled that I forgot to take a picture but the potatoes were so good that I fell in love with the preparation. It goes to show that if a chef has the basics down square he can elevate classic dishes to a whole new level. Also if you consider what I drank and ate – 190 CHF is not over the top (obviously not an everyday meal):


Posted by therealpickygourmet on 18 May 2011
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  1. 05/18/2011

    Again a great post. Thanks man! What kind of cam are u using? cell phone?

    • 05/18/2011

      iPhone 4 , no flash. Seems to be somewhat ok since its not too obvious. If I wouldnt care about discretion Id use a real camera.

  2. 05/18/2011

    Agree. Your pics are absolutely ok. There is no need for a real camera (yet).


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