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Brasserie Bernoulli, Hardturmstrasse, Zurich

Milken auf Frühlingsspinat

Coquilles St. Jacques mit Erbenspuree und Chiliöl

Erbsenbratlinge mit Rieslingsauce, Rhabarbarkompott und Frühlingsgemüse

Holunderparfait mir Truffesschnitte

Brasserie Bernoulli on the outside doesn’t look all that appealing. It reminds more of a concept chain restaurant than a mom and pop shop, but looks can be deceiving. The place feels like a decent neighborhood eatery and a lot of people seem to be from around the Hardturm area. Before dining I had to drive by the former Hardturm and it is always devestating to see how the government decided to tear down a football stadium, before having a comitted plan to build a new one. The menu is obviously geared at a more health conscious and female crowd, which makes me assum this is frequented by mothers in the neighborhood often. Sweetbreads were with fresh spinach leaves and left nothing to desire. I thought the pear puree with scallops and chilli oil to be a nice combination, only drawback was that I hit a nest of chilli flavour and that scorched my mouth. Main course was a bit disappointing, the vegetables and the rhubarb compote was good, but the peas patties were too dry and overcooked. I enjoyed the dessert, an elderberry flan. I liked the ideas of the chef, but since this was a slow night, execution was quite up to par. If I’m in the neighborhood and looking for a non-fancy bite to eat, this is worth a visit:


Posted by therealpickygourmet on 5 June 2011

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