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Swiss Flight ZRH – JFK, Atlantic Ocean, International Waters

Vitello Tonato - Kalbfleischthunfischterrine, Tomatenscheiben, grüner Spargel

Vitello Tonato - Kalbfleischthunfischterrine, Tomatenscheiben, grüner Spargel

Gebratene Zanderfilet, Bärlauchsauce, Basmatireis, mit Linsen, Kefen, junge Karotten und Daikonrettich

Tiramisu mit Rhabarbermascarpone

Rifling through the menu there’s a page to explain who created and designed the dishes. This time it’s Stefan Meier from the renowed Rathauskeller in Zug. He has given his good name to vouch for the quality and the integrity of these dishes. The Zweifel Chips which were handed out with the pre-dinner Gin Tonic were lovely. My enthusiasm clearly showed and the stewardess gave me a second bag. The first dish was a slice of bread (still somewhat crunchy), a small green salad and a terrine of veal and tuna. The terrine was a play of Vitello Tonato, while I liked the idea, probably a regular Vitello would have been more to my liking. Still it was a smart play, since this can reach restaurant quality on a good day. Now I’ve given Swiss International Airlines quite some flak in the past for their weird choices of food they served (Montys, Aralimentare) and since it’s my favourite airline, I hate doing it again. Still, I’m obliged to impartiality. Next dish was a pike perch with ramson sauce, rice and vegetables. If you’re serving a play of swiss cuisine I’m somewhat at a loss what a daikon radish is doing paired with the fish. Looking at the dish and the wilted greens – would Mr. Meier have allowed this to have crossed his kitchen pass at his restaurant ? At least dessert was pretty good. It was a rhubarb mascarpone tiramisu which was very tasty. Overall I still like flying, it’s quiet reading, drinking and eating time, with no cell phone reception – but why can’t anybody solve the challenge of serving a decent main course on a plane ? Think of what your mother cooked and you would warm up. Why not try some Capuns ? It’s swiss, easily reheatable and tasty. Or a stew ? Hearty soup ? Hero Ravioli with grated cheese ? Fondue ? Wouldn’t you like igniting your own personal little burner to melt some cheese ? Or my favourite – Johnny.

Posted by therealpickygourmet on 13 June 2011
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  1. 06/14/2011
    Diana Stroe

    Re: Wouldn’t you like igniting your own personal little burner to melt some cheese ?

    This is the funniest thing I read all day 😀

  2. 06/15/2011

    Maybe you should mention that this was on a business class flight. The economy class dishes would not look like this.


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