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Rolling Bones BBQ, Edgewood, Atlanta

Ribs, Brisket and Pork Taco, Cole Slaw, Bread and Okra

So I’ve been longing to try some real BBQ in the south of the US, and the Rolling Bones BBQ seemed just like the place. One of the gentlemen who I met up at this converted gas station seemed a little jumpy due to the surroundings, I can tell you that even though I was wearing a suit, nothing happened. Apparently when I got out of the cab some other patrons had to chuckle, this doesn’t seem to be your type of establishment where people go to by taxi. The place is like a fast food joint, you grab your meat at the counter and sit down to eat. I started off with some ribs, which were juicy, smoky and had a decent (not spectacular) sauce on top. I’m not quite sure what this white stuff was, apparently the americans call it bread, it felt more like the stuffing material inside a cheap couch. On the plus side was the brisket, again smoky, with a rich, umami taste to it. My favourite part however was the pork taco I had, simply delicious. I’d have to deduct some points for the side orders, neither the Ocra nor the Cole Slaw were sizzling. Overall a good BBQ joing, cheap and of high quality. Just sitting in the dining room, when they opened an oven it smelt beautiful. To be fair, if you scare easily, not the place you would want to walk to.

Posted by therealpickygourmet on 17 June 2011

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