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Eden au Lac, Bellerivestrasse, Zurich

Amuse bouche

Barquette Pawlowa, ris de veau frit

Scampi grillé, sauce tartare

Fillet des soles, Prince Murat

Crepes Rossini

Mignon de boeuf, Helder

Fromage sur assiettes

Petites variations d'entrements

Zurich has a couple of 5 star hotels. One of the oldest and most traditional is the Eden au Lac. One of the things I’ve always been meaning to try was their Hors d’oeuvre chaudes menu which they’ve been serving for over 50 years. The legend had it that Aga Khan III got bored with eating the large menus and asked for smaller plates and more of them. On a sunday night I reserve a table for one. The dining room airs the grand hotel feeling and it takes you back to the day dining was still an adventure. I’m wearing a jacket and it feels right. An aged british couple dines at the other table speaking german with an accent, showing what british noblesse was all about. A lot of interesting dishes make it my way, while they show a modern influence in its style of arranging and preparation, the names are definitley old school. Barquette Pawlova; Fillet de sole, Prince Murat; Mignon de Boeuf, Helder; are some examples. Personally I enjoyed the Crepes Rossini the best. A very thin crepes wrapped around some duck liver, with a sprinkle of truffles, a simple, powerful and elegant bite. I also enjoyed the beef filet with sauce bernaise. A part of the bernaise was filled into a small tomato, which gave it that nice feeling when Umami meets opulence. The menu hors d’oevure chaud apparently never changes, and I’d like to quote the restaurant here “The big request authorize to such a long
retention on our menu card, which shows that the best quality and proved tradition are
independent of the time.” Source. I’m loving it. While this might not be the pinnacle of fine dining in Zurich, it certainly is almost unbeatable when it comes to Grand Hotel dining. I belive the degustation menu will make it my way pretty soon. But keep in mind you also pay top dollar:


Posted by therealpickygourmet on 26 June 2011
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  1. 08/26/2011

    Béarnaise, not Bernaise. Comes from Béarn, not Bern. My apologies for having to point out that the sauce is not Swiss.


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