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The Real Picky Gourmet’s Top 5 Zurich Restaurants::

  1. The Restaurant – Dolder – quite frankly the best dining experience – one of the very few places where the elegance, sophistication and classiness of the dining room is met by the food
  2. Stef’s Freieck – One man, one car, one computer – Knight Rider or in this case One chef, one waiter, one kitchen – Stef’s Freieck
  3. Cafe Boy – Culinary handicraft at a very high level, innovative, interesting events and still not tired & going strong
  4. Delmonico – Loads of raw talent, virtually immune to advice, strong headed and big balls – my type of kitchen
  5. Tre Fratelli – One word: Meatloaf

Top Newcomer 2011
ValeFritz im Daikini – 58 CHF for an amuse bouche and a 4 course dinner of pretty high quality with a knack for trying out things. Also likes to leverage salt in desserts.

Zurich’s Disappointments 2011
A close tie but for very different reasons:

Hooters – I hope my mother doesn’t read this – rumour has it I was breastfed until I was two years old – which seems to explain my obsessions at a mature age – I was hoping for a dining experience which would quench all kind of appetites – but the boobs weren’t worth the visit.

Letzigrund – This shames not only swiss sausage culture, it’s simply a scam!

Non-Zurich Disappointment
Teufelhof – Part of being disappointed is having big hopes and these not being met – culinary intelligence didn’t seem adequate for the level of finesse the establishment radiates

Posted by therealpickygourmet on 29 June 2011
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  1. 06/19/2011

    danke mr. gourmet ! once again, thanks to you, my restaurant wish list has gotten longer. just added stefs freieck and vale fritz to it. cafe boy is already on it, haven’t gotten there yet though. …hooters, not on it 😉


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