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Restaurant Drei Stuben, Beckenhofstrasse, Zurich

Gefülltes Raviolo mit Jus und Gemüse

Lammrack mit Ravioli und Gemüse

So one of the places I was very pleasantly surprised is under new management – the Drei Stuben is run by a trendy young man, who has had previous successes at other places. Now while I cringe when the popular media calls someone a trendy restaurateur, you all know that I shy no risk in bringing you the latest information first hand. I do however have to concede a defeat to the Zueritipp – even though it’s been a couple of weeks I’ve dined here, they beat me to the scoop. Together with two extremly attractive male friends of mine we head over for dinner. The place pops. I like the interior with the light wood and the red/white table cloths, it feels cozy. Since I’m not that interested in the designer’s handicraft but more into the food we run through the menu. It’s rather classic conservative with one or more rather odd asian-influenced dishes such as Coconut-Curry soup with Cevapcici. Talking about confusing messages – but who knows – maybe it’s aiming to please Thai-Serbian couples as well as other patrons. But what am I to rant about one weird dish on the menu ? The food is simply stunning. I was just as pleasantly surprised as when I ate here the first time under the previous owner. My appetizer was a nice, big and fat raviolo served with some vegetables. Simply great, even the asparagus were spot on, the meat was juicy and was screaming gulp me down. The main course was a rack of lamb (again with ravioli – my amateur odering to blame), which didn’t leave any room for negative comments either. The light was getting to dark, hence I couldn’t take a picture of the bill – in a nutshell – three men, lots of alcohol, great food – 600 CHF (heavy, but not unbearable). I seldomly critique the wait staff, but this guy here needs a shot of friendliness injected up his ass. No smile, defiant and about as much fun to talk to as a east german border guard. However as the president of the Comittee for Friendship between Germans and Swiss, I shall not say where the gentlemen was from.

Posted by therealpickygourmet on 4 July 2011
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  1. 07/20/2011
    Chris Class

    “Gault Millau likes places frequented by old people”? Come on man, what kind of an off-base statement is that? You don’t actually see 18 year olds prancing around your beloved Dolder or Schauenstein, do you? So should I conclude that the RealPickyGourmet likes places frequented by old and rich people? And what’s wrong with old people anyway? I like reading your blog but I frequently get the feeling you rate the hipness factor of a restaurant at least as high as the food.

    • 07/21/2011

      As a matter of fact – I’ve seen 20 year old people prance around in Schauenstein and Dolder (this guy was even wearing a tracksuit….).
      There’s nothing wrong with old people, it’s just that the Gault Millau does attract a certain clientele which one should keep in mind. If hipness factor were the ruling criteria, then the (now defunct) Hubertus, 23 different Sushi bars and the kebap place next to Gonzo Club would be on my Top 5 list.

      Nevertheless – I’m curious – what places do you feel were rated based on hipness instead of food quality ?


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