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Zum goldenen Fass, Zwinglistrasse, Zurich


Mistkratzerli mit Pommes frites

The Zueritipp and assorted friends of mine spoke favourably of the Restaurant zum goldenen Fass. With a group of friends we sat down for dinner. When we ordered two plates of Tapas as an appetizer, the lady told us that we would be okay with just one (42 CHF) she was right and it was fair to point that out. We enjoyed the chicken skewers and shrimp, the albondigas lacked a bit of fire and taste, and the two octopus variants where somewhat unconvincing due to flavor and texture. We were excited to get our main course which was a smaller chicken with french fries. The best known spanish chicken place is Emilio near the Stauffacher and apparently this place here poached one of their chefs. The chicken was nice, moist and clearly tasted of butter and garlic. The french fries however were a sorry mess. Soggy, strips of potatos swimming in oil were found on our plate – when pointed out she apologized and said this isn’t the way it should be. Anyway – the place cheap (the chicken was 25 CHF) and I believe if you stick to the right dishes from the Tapas menu, the Paella or the chicken with a different side order, you’ll do great. It’s good to know that there are still places in Zurich with prices which won’t send you to poverty. The glass of Limoncello is nice for female patrons, we needed some Carajillos to get the taste out of our mouths.

Posted by therealpickygourmet on 22 July 2011
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  1. 07/22/2011

    Yesterday I went to the Urania Tapasbar and I haven’t gone there for years anymore. I was surprised how excellent the Tapas are there. You should put it on your “todo” list:


    • 07/22/2011

      And I haven’t been at the Brasserie Lipp either in a long time 🙂

      • 07/26/2011

        you could do both in the same evening! 😀

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