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Restaurant Roter Stein, Herrligstrasse, Zurich


Rindsspiess mit Pommes frites und Gemüse

Sometimes things are too weird to be true. I once witnessed how the slimy owner of the renowned Restaurant Portal tried to convince a russian female bar owner of the great marketing potential of his website. Apparently the owner of the Restaurant Roter Stein bought into it as well. We had lunch at this place and I liked the vibe, very classic Swiss Beiz which was accented by nearly all male patrons stopping by for lunch. First a small bowl of a very tasty minestrone was served. There was a smidge of cream in the soup and the pasta was overcooked, but tastewise it was convincing. Main course was a skewer with beef cubes and peppers, three different vegetables and french fries. Tasty, nicely cooked vegetables (spinach, kohlrabi and fennel) and with an additional touch of salt, the fries were good as well. A little gem for lunch if you’re in the area – and maybe even dinner in the Sääli at the back. Cheap:

Rechnung (18.50 Menu)

Posted by therealpickygourmet on 27 July 2011

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