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Scent of Bamboo, Bhf Altstetten, Zurich

Wor Tip

Noodles Scent of Bamboo

I was thrown out of a restaurant of the Suan Long chain a couple of years back, frankly speaking not something which I’ve been regretting a lot. So when I was near the Bahnhof Altstetten I headed for lunch to a place called Scent of Bamboo. Only after checking the website, did I learn it was part of the Suan Long empire. I ordered some Wor Tip to start, which is a fried dumpling. They warned me that there was going to be a small wait which I was fine with. The served dish didn’t quite live up to par, while it smelt nicely, taste was ok, but the dough / skin of the dumpling was lacking a proper sear and had no crunch. Next were my noodles a la Scent of Bamboo. They were silky with a creamy sauce with vegetables and meat. I would have liked some more heat and saltiness to the noodles, while the creamyness of the coconut milk was nice, the overall dish was on the stale side. Quite frankly I don’t understand the concept of running a restaurant with chinese/thai food just next to a Peking Garden Cheap Chinese place. Your only chance is to blow your diners away with spectatular food. Average prices:


Posted by therealpickygourmet on 28 July 2011
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  1. 07/29/2011
    Marc Bill

    I’m looking forward to a guide of the best Chinese food restaurants in Zurich. No mafia chains like Suan Long of course, as they suck terribly in _every_ aspect. And it’s definitely not Chinese food they serve.

    Though I haven’t seen yet a Chinese food restaurant in Zurich that comes even close to a real Chinese restaurant, I’m still wondering about your opinion and maybe best secrets (I lack the budget to eat in restaurants as often as you, so there’s a chance you know restaurants I haven’t been to yet).

  2. 07/29/2011
    Marc Bill

    Oh, and I’d also be very interested in some good low-budget dining suggestions in Zurich (not limited to Chinese cuisine). And by low-budget I mean low-budget (40-50 Franks total per person, NOT 100-200 Franks like your average dinner)

    After all, there are tops and flops in every category.


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