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Mönchhof am See, Seestrasse, Kilchberg

Felchenfilet und gemischter Salat

Sometimes you know you’re getting scammed the minute you walk into a place. The Moenchhof am See was just such a venue. It’s located right on the shore of the lake of Zurich and it shows pretty clearly that their locations is so great, people will fight for a table no matter what. Nevertheless we sat down and ordered. The poor waiter was scrambling he had a lot of tables to look after. I ordered a mixed salad and some smoked whitefish. The salad was lacking any effort, the cheapest stuff one could find at the engros market, cut up and dressed with a sauce from the 12 gallon jug. The whitefish was okay, the sauce however again a cheap bought-in and just look at the chunks of iceberg salad. Overall go here for drinks and enjoy the view. The food won’t make you happy even at these prices:


Posted by therealpickygourmet on 2 August 2011
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  1. 08/2/2011

    This is a no-go place. Service since years a catastrophe and the owner is a real asshole.

    • 08/13/2011

      Lol – funniest comment – ever.

  2. 08/8/2011

    thank you so much for this review. i have passed this place so many times and always wondered — hmmm, is it actually any good ?! here’s my answer: NO. not going. so many other places to go to. and the amount of restaurants you go to is just mind-boggling. awesome !! thanks for all the great write-ups and tips.

    • 08/9/2011

      I can only return the compliment to my fellow (and favourite) blogerette – I get really hungry when I read your late night Tweets about the snacks you serve. I envy your husband. 🙂

  3. 08/17/2011

    [ blushing ] thanks mr. gourmet ! and guess what time it almost is right now… late night sweet time ! but hey, who said i share them with my husband… 😉


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