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Belvoirpark Restaurant, Belvoirpark, Zurich

Süssmais, Lachs, Holunderblüten, Nostrano-Gurke

Kalbfleisch, Rahmsauce mit Champignons, Rösti


Finding a nicer terrace than the Belvoirpark Restauran is going to be difficult in Zurich. The restaurant is part of the associated hospitality management school. All of the staff (or at least I presume all of the staff) are part of the school and are learning and prepping themselves for management careers in hotels, restaurants and affiliated industry. The course started off with an imaginative course which combined sweet corn, elderberry, salmon and cucumber to a light summery dish with a soup and a bit of fish on the side. Someone in the kitchen was showing creativity and also restraint by not going overboard. Main course was a very traditional Zürcher Geschnetzeltes including kidneys (upon request) with Rösti. To my dismay the Rösti was somewhat caked up, the strips of potatoes lost their individual texture. I would have enjoyed a creamier version of the minced veal, it would have added more velvetyness to the dish. A highlight was the dessert wagon. A beautifully crafted two dozen dishes (eg. swan pastries) are assorted on the wagon (which is lifted by four unfortunate members of staff down the stairs and back up depending on where the next order is placed). You’d want everything and only through great self-control is it able to make a selection of a few small tibits. Overall this seems like a great place for stopping by for some after-shopping sweets after an afternoon of shopping. Prices:


Posted by therealpickygourmet on 8 August 2011

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