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Restaurant Kaukaska, Wolsztyn, Poland

Barszcz (polish Borscht)

Pierogi filled with potatoes

Pork kotelety with red onion confit

People who’ve signed up to my Twitter feed will have noticed some comments on polish food in the last couple of days. Reason was a trip to see trains in Znin and Wolsztyn. Overall polish cuisine is great, has strong flavours, a lot of fat and if you’re not working as someone shovelling coal in a steam locomotive, you’ll be gaining roughly a kilogram per week in body mass. Polish gastronomy still has some potential when it comes to customer service, but we wanted the original experience and we got it. We stopped at a place called Restaurant Kaukaska in Wolsztyn for lunch. First course was the polish variant of borscht, which is a clear broth made out of beet root. Tasty, nice acidity and strinking color. My favourite part was the pierogi which came next, essentially some dumpling filled with potatoes. There were other variants I sampled but this one was the best and surprisingly (aside form the pieces of bacon on top) no meat in the dumpling. The next course made me smile it was a piece of pork meat under some red onion confit. The confit was nicely cooked, I wasn’t too fond of the combination with the pork but you really couldn’t complain on the technique. The guy next to me was eating a Zigeunerschnitzel with frytki (french fries) and was very happy as well. I liked the food here and would recommend the place if you’re stopping over. Best thing at the end was the price – 335 Zloty (85 CHF) for 9 people including drinks:


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Posted by therealpickygourmet on 27 August 2011

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