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Eder’s Eichmühle, Eichmühle, Wädenswil


Heimische Krebse mit Kartoffelstockgratin

Schwarzflossenheilbut mit Spinat, Vichysoisse und Forellenkaviar

Mediterrane Gnocchetti Sardi mit Zucchini, Auberginen, Oliven und grillierten Riesenkrevetten

Ragoût von Maine Hummer und Wildwasserkrevetten mit Sojasprossen, Sepiaspaghettini und Lauch

Dessert Sans souci Dorothée, Dessert Ueberraschung

I had a reservation at the Eder’s Eichmühle, a classy restaurant in an old farmhouse in Wädenswil. The menu is of medium size and has a significant amount of shellfish dishes listed. So I was excited to give some of them a try and decided on skipping meat as a main course. After the amuse bouche my first dish was a local crayfish with a mashed potato gratin. The mash was great (albeit a BMI increaser) but overtook the crayfish’s rather delicate aroma. Next course was a piece of grilled halibut, served on spinach and vichysoisse, topped with some trout caviar. I thought this was a well thought out dish, the cold soup taking on some temperature from the spinach gave it another dimension besides the textural and flavor contrasts. Small Gnocchi came my way with a bit of vegetables and some shrimp. Strong, bold flavours, just what you would expect from such a pasta dish, nothing to complain. The only thing which I thought was weird, was the fact that when the couple next to mine table got up and left, a dog emerges from below their table. In all fairness, I hadn’t noticed the mutt before, but when he got up and shook his fur right next to my plate, my blood started boiling. I’ll say it again – dogs have no place in a fine dining restaurant – no exceptions. So I calmed down with another glass of wine and got the main course. It was some Maine lobster & freshwater shrimp served on Sepia Spaghettini with leek and bean sprouts. I didn’t quite understand the dish. The noodles with the leek and sprouts were seasoned with soy sauce. Quite frankly it tasted like ordinary fried noodles you’d get at a Suan Long Chinese restaurant. Pairing these noodles with rather expensive product such as Maine lobster seemed weird. Funny enough when I mentioned (in a more polite way) that I didn’t understand the dish to the chef, he just kind of shrugged his shoulder and mentioned he’s had that on the menu for 15 years. It kind of made sense, people who visited fine dining establishments 15 years ago didn’t eat a lot of chinese food in their age, hence the taste was still a novelty for them. But in today’s world, it’s dated which shows if he’s still serving a dish without reworking it for such a long time. A funny thing was the dessert surprise I ordered, it’s a huge plate of different tibits, great to eat, if you’re still somewhat hungry. Overall I am disappointed, since there was good and bad. I think the shellfish served wasn’t portrayed in it’s best light and that some dishes are dated. Prices are actually fair, considering the products I ate:


Posted by therealpickygourmet on 7 September 2011
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  1. 09/11/2011

    Very nice garden / great location in summertime, very french style, quite expensive…

  2. 10/10/2011

    Maybe better you didn’t meet the cat of the house that regularly takes a stroll through the restaurant… We ate there a few times over the past years and find the food generally good, with a few disappointments experienced though. My favourite dish is the Loup de mer in Kartoffelkruste which comes with ratatouille and a rich redwine sauce. You are right the menu did not change much over the years, only the presentation of the food is sometimes changed.


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