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Brasserie Bavaria, Rue du Petit-Chêne, Lausanne




During a stay in Lausanne I was in desperate need of a hearty dinner and we ended up at the
Brasserie Bavaria.

I was a bit skeptical since I wasn’t aiming for german food in Lausanne, but was pleasantly surprised when I read the menu. Classic and rustic sums up the contents, with a swiss french touch. My starter was a vichysoisse which was a tad on the heavy side ,but since I was drinking beer matched it nicely. As a main course I had selected a beefsteak tartare with roeschti. Not only was the roeschti (Bern style with bacon) spot on, the tartare was a huge success. The meat was cut into recognizable small cubes and not just a mushed up brunoise you get at most places serving it. Maybe a tad more spice would have been approriate, but overall the meat was nicely featured. The reason I needed a hearty dinner in the first place, was that I had found a “critter” in my hotel room and that conjured weird images of thousands of these hiding behind the hotel room panelling. Anyone who can help identify what it is (the hotel was guessing it’s a forest insect imported by a previous customer…) let me know, current guess is it’s a german cockroach. But back to the Brasserie – prices weren’t cheap, but it reflected the proper cooking and ingredients and overall was good value for money. Facture (5 people):


Unidentified Critter (immobilized)

Posted by therealpickygourmet on 14 September 2011
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  1. 09/16/2011

    Great timing – going to Lausanne in a week’s time. Any other Lausanne suggestions?


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