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au Chat Noir, rue Beau-Séjour, Lausanne

Amuse bouche salade avec pulpo

Mille feuilles de tourteau à l'avocat

Artichauts soufflé glacées a la nicoise

Chop d'agneau

It’s always a difficult call – you only have a couple of days in a city and you’re looking for some interesting places. We settled on going for dinner at au Chat Noir. It’s a brasserie like interior with a lot of wood. There are no menus and you choose your dishes of a black board on the wall. It started with an amuse bouche which was a small bite of octopus on a bed of potato salad. Nice small bite, which influenced the somewhat mediterranean influence this brasserie carries. I was really looking forward to my first course a mille-feuille layered with avocado and crab. I thought the dish fell short, the avocado cream was too heavy and smothered the finer crab. This should be executed in a much more subtle manner. The next course was excellent, it was a “artichoke souffle” which was cold on top of an artichoke lower part. The a la nicoise play where the potato chips, tomatoes, olives and other tibits sprinkled across it. The slight bitter note of the artichoke went good with the other flavours. This was an imaginative and interesting dish. The lamb chops were okay, I wasn’t too fond of the starch which was in a bar shaped form. The restaurant did have a nice mix of fine-dining powerhouse and comfortable eatery, however the food overall wasn’t consitent enough to justify the 15 Gault Millau points it was sporting. Finances:


Posted by therealpickygourmet on 18 September 2011

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