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Restaurant Thon Sai, Kalkbreitestrasse, Zurich

Vegetable tempura

Chicken Satay

Panaeng Curry mit Felchenfilet und gebratenem Reis

I’ve seen this restaurant Thon Sai a couple of times and by chance we decide to head over there for dinner. The place is small but we get a table on a late Saturday night nevertheless, without having a reservation. It’s quite clear that the owner is proud of his place and takes pride in running it. He’s also concerned about your health, he recommended tofu for the diner asking for a vegetable dish, since it was good for the body. A small surprise was that they sent out an amuse bouche, some form of vegetable tempura. While it wasn’t what you’d expect from a japanese tempura, it was tasty and was a good bite. My starter was a Chicken Satay, the chicken could have been a tad more tender and I like the Satay sauce with more salt, but it was a good effort. My main course was delicious, I didn’t quite follow the tofu suggestion, but decided on the local fish to go with my Panaeng Curry. It was maybe a tad too creamy, but of a very nice taste otherwise. A special mention is warranted by the excellent fried rice, seldom is it that good. Overall this place is one of the best Thai places in Zurich. I got a chance to sample some of the other plates of my diners and the one I’d like to call out was the Papaya salad. I’ll be back. Prices are fair:


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Posted by therealpickygourmet on 26 September 2011

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