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Restaurant Dapur, Schaffhauserstrasse, Zurich

Martabak telur

Sate Ayam Madura (Java), gebratener Reis

My favourite football team was playing, I had an american sinus infection (used to be called a simple cold) and therefore needed special medical attention. This gave me some time to test out a restaurant before joining as a spectator. Ronnie B gave me a tip, he told me to checkout
Dapur an indonesian place in Oerlikon. Funny enough, all the guests were very swiss, even though I went for an early dinner at 18:45, I was one of the last ones sitting down to eat. Martabak telur was a kind of egg, beef and spring onion dish stuffed into a light pastry dough and fried. It was a new taste for me, good ingredients and made fresh on premise, a pretty nice start to the meal. My main course was Chicken Satay with fried rice. I really liked the chicken it was accompanied by a much heartier versions of the peanut sauce then normally Thai restaurants offer and the added saltiness made it a more interesting dish for me. I enjoyed the Acar (vinegar with onions, pickles and carrots) which paired nicely with the other ingredients. The fried rice (for an impressive 12.50) wasn’t the best one I’d ever eaten, but it was an honest and original recipe and much better than what you’d normally get. This was a good recommendation and I liked the food. I’ve never been to Indonesia, but I’ve eaten Indonesian food in Singapore (IMHO the world’s food capital) and it tasted the same. If you’re looking for a good ethinc dining experience, Dapur in Oerlikon has it. Prices:


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Posted by therealpickygourmet on 5 October 2011
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  1. 10/12/2011
    Ronnie B.

    Hi Picky,

    Thanks for the mention. I’m really glad that you enjoyed your experience. Dapur is a great little place and the only one serving Indonesian in Zürich.

    I’m going again this weekend with a group of friends. My fav is the Beef Rendang prepared extremely spicy. My wife loves the Chicken satay.

    I’m really happy I came accross your blog, it’s great reading.

    Best Wishes



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