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Helvti Diner, Stauffacher, Zurich

Hotdog with Sauerkraut

Caesar Salad

Wagyu Burger with Fries

Getting beaten at your own game hurts – the Zueritipp beat me by 18 hours in reviewing the new Helvti Diner. I had a reservation for the second night, my competition was there for lunch the day before. We slid into our seats and study the menu which is only available in english, not sure I buy into that. We start of with a Hot dog laden with sauerkraut. The sausage was excellent, the bun tasty and together with the kraut it almost reminded me of the taste you get from a Silberkugel Original Beefy. The dish might not be your typical appetizer, but it was a good choice and a pretty tasty hot dog. The next dish was just so wrong. It was dubbed as a Casear salad with croutons and anchovies. First major flaw was that the salad wasn’t dried off properly, the whole dish was much too watery and dilluted the flavor. Also the croutons and anchovies were too large plus the little sauce which wasn’t waterlogged was lacking cheese and oomph. The main course was a Wagyu burger with fries. Now if you get the Wagyu burger, you should refrain from any other topping since it’s all about the beef. If you’re more interested in a classic burger go for the cheapest one on the menu and pile on the toppings. I was slightly disappointed with the service, since not only was it a tad chaotic (2nd day) but also I got blue cheese instead of cheddar and only notice after having already eaten half my burger (cheese distribution was uneven). Getting this simple things right goes a long way in terms of customer satisfaction. The chocolate shake was good but 12.50 a put makes me prefer beer. I’m sure the place will do great, they’re turning tables like crazy in there, they’ll need to get service up to speed in the next couple of days and then there isn’t much to complain, except telling the chef to dry and optimise his salad. If you stick to a cheap burger and a beer you’ll get very good value for your money:


Posted by therealpickygourmet on 6 October 2011
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  1. 10/9/2011

    Good to hear that the former ‘Tramstation’ is back with a new concept! Although it seems that there is still quite some way to go until this is the place for eating the ‘best burger in town’…


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