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Café (Kafi) Dihei, Zurlindenstrasse, Zurich

Sheperd's Pie mit Salat

After an ill-fated steakhouse which lasted four months, a new Café has sprung up at the intersection of Zurlinden and Martastrasse. Quite frankly it’s beautiful. The handwriting screams gay interior designer with taste, but actually it’s two ladies with a lucky hand at the Brockenstube (thrift store). The furniture is spot on and even though nothing really matches, it’s as tasteful as the petit salon at my grandmother’s house. The menu sprouts an somewhat english influenced menu, since every afternoon you get fresh scones. I was there during the morning and decided to stay on and grab lunch. The special of the day was a sheperds pie with salad. Now the salad alone was great. Instead of just a couple of leaves of lettuce, it contained seeds, avocado, zucchini and tomatoes. The sheperds pie was a tad small for your average non-gay, non-vegan, non-lactoseintolerant male, but together with the bread it was enough. The other option is to press your nose to the glass case showing off homemade pies and cakes which you can grab for dessert. You might have noticed that I was pretty ecstatic with the place. People flock to places like Z am Park or Sisu, I think they pale in comparison to Kafi Dihei. Unfortunately this place will be overrun pretty soon, especially for brunch on Sundays and I then will no longer have a tasteful and quiet place to read my newspaper or work. Life is tough, just like for Jack Bauer in 24, who never get’s a moment of peace either. But you as my valued reader (and if you’re female I’d like to add that you are looking beautiful today) and trusted companion on my gastronomic ventures, should hold me sharing this gem with you in high regards. And while I’m on a roll I’d like to add that Zurich geht aus have a motley crew of food writers instead of a a select fews, causing wildly diverging reviews. So to finish up – if you want to check something new (which I’m sure you’ll see here eventually) go to Café Dihei. Prices:


Posted by therealpickygourmet on 14 October 2011

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