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Restaurant Weibian, Weststrasse, Zurich

Fisch und Fleisch

Pilz und Nudeln

Bouillon und Gemüse

Weibian has a somewhat confusing message. One sign clearly says “chinese specialities” and the next one goes on to talk about Sushi. Anyway I’m not scared easily (except by dogs) and bravely entered the location. Scanning the menu we decided to try the hot pot (the evolutionary ancestor of the swiss fondue chinoise). Fish, meat, vegetables, mushrooms and noodles are served on a couple of plates. I like the soup bowl which has a divider which allows for two different broths. One being a bit spicier than the other. Price value was pretty good on the dish and the ingredients were of decent quality. I would have liked a much broader variety of ingredients. If this is aiming to be a great hot pot place (and to be frank I don’t know of any other in Zurich) there should be a menu to choose your meats, vegetables etc. from and different broths as well, depending on your mood. Still if you’ve never had it, it’s worth the visit, especially at these prices:


Posted by therealpickygourmet on 27 October 2011

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