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Bar Basso, Sihlstrasse, Zurich

Cocobohnen, Eierschwämmli, Brioche

Pizza mit Prosciutto, Ruccola und Pilzen

Bar Basso is near the City Hallenbad (right next to Baradox) and opened in late October 2011. I went there for lunch. They are run by the same team which does the Pizza at Rossos near Hardbrücke. One of the quirks is, that they sport a wood fired oven. What can you say, before I was able to make my way into the dining room a truck was dumping a couple of cubic meters (stere) of wood. A waitress had to turn the pile of pieces of wood into a nice stack on the side of the building, the key question here obviously is, whether the pizza would be worth the hassle of handling the small logs. The menu fits my bill, it has less than 10 items, so you have to choose and it shows that they’re going for quality. I started off with a fava bean, chanterelle and brioche toast appetizer. The combination was surprising and I liked the slight crunch of the beans. However the chanterelles were too salty and there was too much butter used on the brioche toast. With some small adjustments this would be a better dish. I selected the arugula, prosciutto and mushroom pizza as my main course. Quite frankly a pretty fantastic pizza, thin yet crunchy dough, flavourful mozzarella and tomatoes. Next time I’ll order a Margherita, with the pizza being so good you don’t need the additional toppings. I’m convinced this place will do great for lunch and it’s going to full pretty quickly, making my question around the wood pretty redundant. I’ll be back in the evening to try their meat dishes. Prices:


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Posted by therealpickygourmet on 31 October 2011
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  1. 11/7/2011

    I was there for lunch, had a reservation, but it wasn’t necessary. The food was really tasty and I like the way the restaurant is designed, airy and rustic, yet modern. The staff was very friendly.


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